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Transformational therapy for individuals and couples

Breath | Pulsation | Counselling |Trauma release|Tantra

The natural state of our being is to feel ecstatic and alive.

Working with transformational methods creates freedom within to allow higher states of energy to arise.

Depth psychology has demonstrated that we always develop a part of ourselves to take the role of conscience, traditionally referred to as the ‘super ego’, a protective system often established through traumatic experiences.

This becomes one of the main sources of suffering, through low self esteem, guilt, shame, fears, devaluation and self-judgement.

With awareness you resolve mental believe systems, emotional and physical blocks that don’t serve you anymore created in early childhood and puberty, or after trauma, preparing the way for an ecstatic sensibility.

Meeting yourself in love and self-respect will lead to greater self esteem and personal contentment.

Transformational therapy uses Body oriented methods and counselling, Bioenergetics and Pulsation exercises supported by emotional body cleansing and meditation.

Conscious LOVEmaking, a course for couples

Whether you are unsatisfied with the way your love life is going, or you simply would like to venture into a more relaxed, meditative and spiritual aspect of your sexuality, this could be for you!
Often we ’improvise’ a life-long sexuality, driven by advertisements, movies, fashion and pornographic material. We may find ourselves with so called sexual dysfunctions like the inability to reach orgasm, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction to mention only the most frequent.
We are chasing ultimate satisfaction, and no one seems to be able to succeed. Some of you have turned to spiritual teachers or studied self help manuals on spiritual sexuality with little or no results or have given up on sex altogether.
Conscious LoveMaking is a journey to the deepest and most intimate energies available to you.
This approach will teach you how to experience love-making in a relaxed way to fulfil your deepest desires for union with your Yourself and your Beloved.

Conscious LoveMaking
is a Course for couples taught in 7 steps The format is simple, the lessons easy to learn and to practice .This course will give you step by step instructions and practical keys for a new way of love making.

The instructions are specifically sexual and you will have the opportunity to experience your full sexual and spiritual potential through making love with your partner.

By the end the course you are able to have a solid base and understanding of your natural sexual energy. The course is successfully received by many couples around the world. The sexual intimacy and intensity requires sincerely interested individuals.

…this is a special treat for you

How does this course practically work?

We will start with an introductory session of about 2h to lay the ground work. You go home and practice with your partner for about 7 days.( All practices are done in the privacy of your home)

In our 2nd meeting you receive more instructions and answers to questions that you might have. We refine the approach which you practice again at home for another week or so.

Our meetings will continue for 4-5 times always with about 7 days of practice time in between.
Each meeting and the practice times are modified according to your individual needs and availability.

is a qualified Medical Doctor, Transformational therapist and Yoga Teacher (certified BYV).
After working in private Medical Practice he studied and trained in additional body oriented therapies like Bioenergetics, Encounter, Rebirthing, Tibetan Energy Work and Tantra in India.
This course is based on ancient tantric scriptures and years of personal instructions and practice by a living tantric master.