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WHAT is Human Design?

Revolutionary insights | Practical solutions | Life changing awareness

Human Design is a scientifically validated energy reading system combining Astrology, Chakras, Kaballah, and the I’Ching in a revolutionary way including quantum physics and genetics. 9 Energy Centres, 64 gates connected through 36 channels, 12 profiles combined with the complexity of modern astrology and the ancient I'Ching makes this system one of the most accurate reading tools for humanity today.

Human Design gives you guidance and a better understanding for

Your purpose in life
What type of work/career is fulfilling and rewarding
Finding the right partner
Bringing clarity to relationships and marriages
Helping you in the upbringing and education of children
Making prosperous financial and personal decisions
Outlining hidden gifts and talents

Human Design reading
A one hour reading, which will give you a basic understanding of your Type, defined and undefined centres, profile and general decision making strategy. You receive a digital recording of your session.

Human Design complete analysis
A 1 h session where you will get a profound comprehension of your Type, Energy Centres and Profile. You receive a personal decision making strategy and you will gain insights into your innate skills as well as a deep understanding of what may keep you blocked and how to change it.
This session is open to all your personal questions.
You receive a digital recording of your session and a 12-15 page print out explaining your design and personal strategy and profile, containing all gates and channels.

Telephone/Skype reading or analysis. See payment options below

Reading: 1h Skype session
Analysis: 1 h Skype session plus a 12-15 page printed Human Design analysis send to you by email.


“Oh My goodness - Satyen and Human Design is like someone unlocking the key to your life and making sense of it. I think that has given me a huge sense of calm as I understand now why I do the things I do! I took my kids who were, at best sceptic young adults and they are both over the moon with the information. It gives them a life path to choose that best suits their personalities and human traits - it certainly has lead to some interesting discussions around a dinner table that we would never have had and has helped me "get them" a whole lot better. Thank you to dear Satyen from my heart - you are insightful, thoughtful and very respectful of the information you pass along - a lovely gift that I happily recommend to my friends and family.”
Lou Collins , horse whisperer

The Human Design Reading I received from Satyen helped to explain many of the underlying reasons as to why I was thinking, feeling and behaving in the way I was. It was, in many ways, a relief to see how my Innate Energy flowed best and why life’s patterning and conditioning had me living and working against that flow and the subsequent consequences. It has helped me to understand and trust myself better and let go of things that no longer resonate with my Energy Blueprint. I recommend a Human Design Reading as a tool for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves.
Andrea M. Chiropractor

My Human Design reading with Satyen was life-changing.  With his wisdom, compassion and humour, I have been gifted a deeper understanding and knowing of how I am in the world.  With many open centres in my design, I often felt confused and judgemental about how I related to myself and others in my life.  With Satyen’s guidance I was able to view these relationships from a place of wisdom which has also informed the way I make decisions, how I use my energy, and given me a deep knowing that I am perfectly OK just the way I am.  I am most grateful for Satyen and this incredible gift of Human Design. Gaye McF. CEO

Payment for SKYPE sessions


Human Design Skype sessions


Human Design Skype sessions

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